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Online Roulette Strategy

It always difficult to think of strategy when it comes to playing roulette both online and off, because this long lasting and ever popular table game is one of the very few where the player has absolutely no say in the outcome of each spin. Apart from crossing their fingers, rubbing their lucky rabbit’s foot or saying a silent prayer, once that little white ball is in motion, there is nothing they can do to affect the course of the game.

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Does “Roulette Strategy” exist?

Despite that fact, on line roulette remains among the most played table games in the casino world. There is no getting away from the glamor that playing roulette conjures up, and the rich tradition that goes back to the casinos of the South of France and Monaco more than a hundred years ago. Even today if you visit a land-based casino you will always find loads of players grouped around the table racing feverishly to place their bets before the croupier spins the wheel, and call out the dreaded “no more bets”.

For those on the outside looking in, roulette might appear like a bit of a lottery with some very high odds up for grabs but only if a player hits the number on the nose. However for those who have taken the time to study the betting options available in every spin of the wheel, will soon realize that there are some pretty favorable betting variations available to players that can turn the odds very much more in their direction.

One thing for sure is that land casino management have known this, and for a very long time. That’s why they always pressurize players to place their bets in a hurry. Not because they want to speed the game up, or that players can place fewer bets. It’s just that they know that the more strategic bets that a player places, the more the chance they have of winning.

Strategic means spreading bets across the table as much as possible so that just about every number that the ball lands on will give some kind of return, and in most cases – a profit.

Roulette odds

When roulette went online almost a decade ago, to the credit of these online gaming pioneers, no attempts were made to change the rules to tilt the odds more in favor of the house to counteract for the obvious fact that a player could take as long as they wanted to place their bets.

That means that players who had a strong heart and a mathematical bent could cover the table to such a level that they could almost guarantee themselves some kind of return from each spin. It doesn’t mean that they would end every play session in front, but they had more of a chance instead of just betting randomly on lucky numbers.

Most roulette softwares will even allow a player to wager on automatic pilot. That means depositing a sum of money, placing their bets, setting the software for a minimum or maximum number of bets as well as a minimum or maximum loss default.
Hardly the stuff that the casinos of Monte Carlo were built on, but worth giving a try.