Online Roulette

American Roulette variation

Roulette, which means “small wheel” in French has been played in Europe for around four hundred years. Historians record that the first roulette wheels arrived in North America through New Orleans where French seamen were known to arrive and spread their leisure time.

It wasn’t too long before roulette was being played on the river boats travelling up and down the Mississippi and the land casinos of the south, making its way to the casinos of Vancouver and across Canada. Soon the casino operators of North America were making some minor adjustments to the game and it soon became known as American Roulette.

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American roulette vs. European roulette

The principal difference between the European version of Roulette and the revamped American Roulette is that there are 37 possibilities where the ball can land in the European and in the American version that number goes up to 38. The reason is that the American version has a second zero, added by the casino operators to increase the odds quite a bit more in their favor. The trap is that when the roulette wheels stops spinning and the ball lands on one of the two zeroes, the house wins.

Players in the United States had no option but to play the American version, although in most of the Canadian land casinos there were usually both European and American roulette tables to be found.
When the online casino option began to break through, then the options for online roulette lovers took a dramatic change. They had the choice of both without the need to travel to the South of France or round the corner to play roulette in any form. It was there in their living room.

And the question that players were immediately asking themselves was, why play American roulette when the odds are more in favor of the house, when you can play the European version just as easily. And the answer, at least for some of them, was that by playing American roulette online, it is a very simple operation to neutralize that extra zero.
That’s the big difference between playing online and in a land casino. Online, a player can take all the time in the World to learn the strategies of roulette through playing as a guest. They can do so till they get a handle on how to give themselves a fair chance of winning.

Is there such thing as roulette strategy?

Basically, what a newcomer to roulette has to understand is that there are no strategies to learn on how to play roulette, but there are a lot on how to bet.
However a player chooses to bet can vary from betting on a single number through outside and inside bets and any other combination. The more chips placed sensibly and strategically on the table, the more chance they have of winning. And the way to prevent landing on the zero destroying their chances is to bet on it happening.

In other words, if a player has a chip spread of 700 on the table on any given spin, if they bet twenty chips on the zero (or zeros in the case of American Roulette) coming up at 36-1 they will even make a small profit.
Players who understand that simple tactic will stand a much better chance of enjoying and winning when playing American roulette at their favorite online casino.